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Why Recruiters should be using video

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Founder @ JOBVIDDY
Andy Kerney

YouTube announced in 2017 that visitors to the platform were consuming 1 Billion hours of video content per day! 

Amazing statistics like that were not just isolated to YouTube; both Facebook and Instagram also saw impressive audience results through the use of video. With those levels of growth and the engagement it brought, it was no surprise that LinkedIn decided to enter the scene with its own video service. 


Away from the social media platforms other communications channels also saw positive results. A/B testing has shown that emails containing video or that use video in the subject line see higher open and click-through rates compared to normal email. 

So with the growth in video showing no signs of a slow-down, we’ve highlighted some of the many areas and ways video can be used to drive positive outcomes and results in recruitment:

Bring your jobs to life and attract high quality applications

Bring your jobs to life with video and improve application quality. Get Hiring Managers, Recruiters and Employees talking about the jobs, the opportunities and why a candidate should work there. Video job adverts can easily be added to emails, CRM/SMS campaigns and posted across social media. 

Showcase your brand

Not every business is a big brand so it's highly probable candidates will not know who you are and importantly what you do. Typically up to 2 minutes long, these videos can give a fast, exciting unique look inside your business and are the perfect addition to your careers website. 

76% of Millenial's use YouTube to follow companies

Set your candidates up for success

Set your candidates up for success and prepare them effectively and consistently using video with helpful hints and tips style videos, e.g. 

1.     CV tips and advice

2.     Interview preparation

3.     How to perform a video interview

4.     How to prepare for an assessment day

5.     How to resign

6.     How to manage a counter-offer 

Maintain candidate engagement

Build candidate relationships by sending a simple “Thank you” video after receiving an application. Take it up a level by saying “Congratulations” when candidates secure an interview or, even better, when a candidate gets the job. 

Engage candidates and communities

Continually nurture candidate and community relationships and pipeline talent by delivering added value. Create videos that deliver updates on the latest industry news, trends and jobs. Send via regular newsletters, blogs or post across social media. 

Set yourself apart to win retained and exclusive business

Set yourself apart from the competition in your niche by using added-value and innovative video products. Show how you can use video to showcase your client’s brand to attract the best talent for them. 

These are just a snapshot of some of the areas where video can be used effectively to deliver results. Each organisation is unique, so has the potential to use video in many other exciting and innovative ways. 

It’s never been easier or more cost-effective to get started with video, so now is the perfect time to explore how to use it to your business’s advantage

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